So I’m finally watching the series I’ve been somewhat excited to check out within this summer….and it’s none other than K-Series To The Beautiful You aka Korean Version of Hana Kimi! I’ll save my ramble for now until I finished the whole thing lol XD.

But I just have to say this Lee Hyun Woo guy playing Nakatsu’s character reminds me of Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy in You’re Beautiful!!! from crazy odd hairstyles and some face angles! LOL. He looks like Lee Hong Ki mixed with 2PM’s Wooyoung lol. So far as Nakatsu, he’s doing well and haven’t let me down. :)

A Gentleman’s Dignity’ Broadcasts at Earlier Time to Avoid Olympics

Fans need not to fret, as SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignitywill air episode 19 on July 28 as usual, but at an earlier time.

SBS was initially contemplating on temporarily suspending the drama as it conflicts with the 2012 London Olympics broadcasting schedule beginning on July 27. 

But perhaps with the drama’s popularity rising and only two more episodes left in the series, SBS decided to air the drama at an earlier time of 9:30 pm instead of the usual 10 pm slot. 

July 28′s episode of A Gentleman′s Dignity is expected to address the new relationship of Kim Min Jong and Yoon Ji Ni, who became a couple against Kim Soo Ro′s wishes. 


AGD episode 19 previews out!

hi everyone! i just saw the AGD previews out, it’s really short… but that’s all we have now! here it is - please share with all AGD fans everyone 
A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 19

The four men were all sitting by the window, waiting for four women (i’m not sure who these four women are specifically, doesnt say so in the preview). The four women appear dressed really provocatively and posing super sexily - the four men felt that it was really inappropriate for them to dress like that and used their napkins to cover the women up…

네 명의 신사들은 레스토랑 창가에 앉아 수다를 떨면서 네 여자를 기다린다. 모델 포스로 섹시하게 차려입고 나온 네 여자들을 못마땅하게 생각하며 냅킨으로 가려주는데…


AGD will end with episode 20 :(


Sad news, AGD will end with episode 20 only! No extension! :’[

After a few weeks of maybes and We’re negotiating and rumors, weekend shows Dr. Jin and A Gentleman’s Dignity have both come out with official stances on the state of their futures: Dr. Jin will be getting its hoped-for extension after all, while weekend ratings winner A Gentleman’s Dignity will wrap without any additional installments.

It seems a bit counterintuitive, since SBS has been raking in 20%+ ratings with zippy, light-hearted rom-com A Gentleman’s Dignity, which is by far the more buzzed-about hit show between the two. You’d think they’d be more primed for prolonging the high numbers. But according to SBS CP Kang Shin-ho, it will end with Episode 20 as planned. He cited actor schedules as a hindrance, adding that while the upcoming London Olympics broadcast schedule will likely result in a pre-emption for the show, there won’t be any other adjustments to its length.

Managers from AM Entertainment, reps for series stars Jang Dong-gun and Kim Haneul, confirmed the same report and went so far as to say they’d never even discussed the possibility of an extension.

On the other hand, MBC is keen to keep Dr. Jin going, even though the show is stuck in low-teens ratings and has been getting some flak for its poor direction, despite an intrinsically interesting story about the modern doctor trapped in the past, messing with Fate by changing the course of history as he continually saves people he really shouldn’t. Maybe Dr. Jin’s genius is more the savant type, where he excels at his profession and lacks a very basic understanding of common sense.

Dr. Jin faces the same issue of an Olympic broadcast schedule conflict, but has decided not to pre-empt and will screen back-to-back episodes to keep on schedule. Originally planned for 20 episodes, the series will now end with 22.

On one hand, the show is absurd enough that I don’t know that I want any more of it existing, period. I’m still watching along, half-wondering why, though I’m by now in that stage of finishing a lackluster meal just to clean that plate. So I’d really prefer a shorter running time. But on the upside, at least it wasn’t the six-episode extension that was also rumored — now that would’ve been painful. If you’ve got words of encouragement for HeadsNo2, who’s faithfully slogging through the series, this would be a great time to let ‘em out! She may need the boost to get through that final week.

Via Star News, TV Report

SBS weekend drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity" stood firm in first place with 24.4%.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 23rd, the eighteenth episode of “A Gentleman’s Dignity" rated 24.4% like the previous episode.

Choi Yoon (Kim Min-jong) held back Im Meh Ah-ri (Yoon Jin-i) who was about to leave to America and started a relationship. Her brother Tae-san (Kim Soo-ro) felt betrayed and announced they were no more friends.

Park Min-sook (Kim Jeong-nan) asked for a divorce from her husband Lee Jeong-rok (Lee Jong-hyuk) as she could not trust him anymore.

The increasing popularity of “A Gentleman’s Dignity" is frightful with just two more episodes to go. Many wonder if the drama could break through 30% before that.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV “Gag Concert” rated 18.9% and MBC “Dr. JIN" rated 11.0%.

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Loving a Gentleman’s Dignity!!! Why are bachelors’ mid-life crisis so freakin’ entertaining? :P

'A Gentleman's Dignity' Kim Soo Ro, Since When Was He This Attractive?

Actor Lee Jun Ki Parodies ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ With ‘A Nobleman’s Dignity’ On The Set Of His New Drama


‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ May Temporarily Suspend Broadcast

A representative for SBS said, “With SBS broadcasting the Olympics, A Gentleman’s Dignity’s is being contemplated to possibly suspend broadcasting beginning next week.”

If a broadcast suspension is confirmed, it’s likely this weekend’s 17th and 18th episode will air as usual and then the remaining two episodes will not air until the second week of August.


A Gentleman’s Dignity episode 16 preview. Kyaaa, DJ and YS hugged! Whyyy? Whyyy? Can’t understand a thing cos its all in korean. Can’t wait to watch this!